Dellorto is synonym for carburettor. The Italian brand has become a true reference in all things carburettor.

The first carburettor was produced under the acronym SC26 and sold under the name Rex. The three founders developed the first carburettors for the main producers of motorbikes like Guzzi, Benelli and Piaggio, working through all the stages of production (die-casting, mechanical machining and assembly) aiming towards the creation of a strategy that didn’t centre in the production of components but that also focused in the whole production line.

Since it was founded in 1993 until today, Dellorto has worked side by side with the best and most innovative brands of the automotive world, being directly involved in the technical advancements of the very long history of combustible engines. Nowadays, almost all of the benchmark brands of the automotive world fit their motorcycles with Dellorto carburettors.

Their catalogue features the most basic carburettor like PHVA (ideal for original or under-adjusted engines) to PHBG (medium range preparation) and VHST and PHBL (for engines with high range adjustments). Also for classic motorcycles models such as the SHBC (ideal for Vespas) and a never ending range of models for all types or motorcycles. 

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