Returns and Sales Support

At we work for the client's satisfaction and therefore we put at your disposition tools for after-sales support.

- Print THIS document, fill and place it in the package with the product you wish to return and send it to:


           c/Can Pau Birol nº3-5

           17005 Girona


The client has 30 days to return a product.

When you return a product we will not return the Power Coins used in the purchase

Delivery costs are the client's responsibility. We recommend using Standard Post. will only cover shipping costs if the product is defective, excluding misuse or damage done by the client.

We do not accept returns of items that are not in conditions for subsequent sale, examples: use marks, assembly, scratches or dirt;

If the original box or packaging of the product is not in perfect condition, a minimum of € 5 (VAT included) will be charged for re-packaging and labelling.

It is important that the product is completely secured to avoid breakage during the return. Motoscoot is not responsible for any damage caused during shipment. The client will be contacted to evaluate the possible cost or cancellation of the return.

If you detect any deterioration or defect in the package received, you must register it before signing the receipt of delivery, and you must notify Motoscoot within 24 hours of receiving the product.

The package must be checked at the time of delivery in order to check that the condition of the goods is correct, otherwise, you must notify within 24 hours of receiving the package.

You have the following refund options:

  • Money on account:

An invoice will be generated with money on account of the amount for the item. The invoice will be sent by email and in the new order, you must leave a note stating that there is money on account with the invoice fv / 2018 / .... It will be deducted from the new order.

  • Exchange for another article:

In the return sheet, you must state the references of the products you wish in the change

Once your items arrive and have been reviewed, an invoice will be generated with the money on account.

A new quote will be generated and the amount to be paid by the customer will be calculated (a change means that you must pay for the shipment again).

An email will be sent to the client with the conditions, notifying the amount to be paid and the delivery time.

Once the exchange is accepted and the new order has been sent, the return will be closed.

  • Money back: As indicated on the sheet, you must state how you made the payment.

Card: You will be paid in the same card with which you made the payment (Please note that if the payment was done in credit it will be returned in credit)

Paypal: You will be paid in the same email that was used for the payment

Bank transfer: You must indicate in the sheet the complete account number.


Return options: 

  •  Money into account: An invoice will be generated with the cost of the product to be deposited into the client’s online account. We will send the invoice by email and in the new purchase you must leave a note stating that you have money in your account relating to invoice fv/2019/… This amount will be discounted from the new purchase.

  •  Exchange for another product: 
  1. In the return form you must state the references of the products to be exchanged.
  2. Once the products have been received and assessed, an invoice will be created with the amount available on the client’s account.
  3. We will create a new purchase receipt and the amount to be paid by the client will be calculated (a product exchange means you must pay for another shipping). 
  4. We will send an email with the cost difference.
  5. Once it has been confirmed, the products will be shipped and the return process will be closed.

  •  Money reimbursement: By defect, the money will be returned using the same system used to make the purchase. In the event the payment was made by money transfer, you must provide your account number in the return form.

If the product you ordered has any defects or has ceased to work please contact us by email at

As indicated by the law, during the first 24 months from the date of purchase you can manage a warranty. This warranty covers possible manufacturing defects and excludes misuse by the customer. It is essential to have the sales invoice, as it is the proof of purchase from our store on the specific date.

Motoscoot sends an invoice with each order; Do not hesitate to ask for it if you do not receive it.

To manage a warranty, you can contact us at

The technical service of Motoscoot will make a first evaluation of the product to determine the best procedure with the manufacturer. You may be asked to send photos or detailed information; this is to try to avoid that you have to send us the product (avoiding transport costs).

The products and vehicles not approved for circulation on public roads are considered only for sporting use, therefore classified as "competition". These items are not included in the "Consumer Goods Act", so they are not treated within the conventional parameters.

If we need the product for the process, Motoscoot has a collection service. You can also send us the package by your own means.

We manage the warranty directly with the manufacturer, as they are the ones who decide whether to accept or deny it.

If it is necessary to send the product to the manufacturer, you will be asked for authorization to perform this management. The approximate waiting period depending on the manufacturer is 1 to 3 weeks as some products must be sent to the manufacturer's warehouses (e.g. Italy) Motoscoot does not advance a refund or change of article until the manufacturer authorizes it.

If the manufacturer accepts the warranty, will send everything necessary, without any cost to the customer, to the same delivery address of the order.

If the manufacturer denies the warranty, the article will be returned to the customer, who assumes the generated shipping costs (Manufacturer - Motoscoot - Customer).

Competition and electronic equipments have a lower warranty time limit, or may not even have it (as a general rule - 3 to 6 months), depending on the manufacturer. In case of doubt, contact us before placing an order so that we can inform you of each specific case.


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